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What Is Good50?

Good50 is a socially minded website. A portion of our revenue is used for charitable work.


About Good50 Search Engine

Good50 search engine is powered by Google, customized so that it would be more readable and user-friendly to everyone including older adults, senior citizens, school-aged children, and high screen-resolution laptop users. Because Good50 is powered by Google, you will see high quality search results, the same as you would with Google, but in a different format.

Since it started, Good50 has hosted over 900,000 searches! Please read on and discover the many unique features of Good50!

1. Good50 is the world's most readable search engine.

Our default search results are preset to be at a slightly larger font size than normal for easy reading. Also, Good50 has a high contrast version for people with low vision.

Larger Search Box: Designed with the public's health in mind, Good50 has pre-set the search box font to a larger size. When typing in a search term, you can strain your eyes trying to distinguish between similar looking letters and symbols, but with a larger search box, it's no problem. Here's an example:

Good50: iI1li[t!lil

Other search engines: iI1li[t!lil

Search Results for Easy Reading: Also, our search results are preset to be at a larger font size than normal for easy reading and to help reduce strain on the eyes.

Low-vision Friendly: Good50 has a high contrast version for people with low vision. This option can also help save energy on a CRT monitor as a black background takes less energy to display than a white one. So, why not Go Green!

2. Good50 is kid-safe and family-friendly.

Good50 automatically displays search results with SafeSearch on. Sites and web pages containing adult content are excluded from web search results.

Now, you know what Good50 is all about. If you think Good50 is for you and your family, consider making Good50 your default homepage so every time you open your web browser, you can start from Good50.

About myCommunity

myCommunity is our new program through which we can work together to directly help the community you live in!


How It Started

Good50 was launched in January of 2010 by Sunmee Huh and her younger sister Dahlia. Sunmee was a 16 year old junior in high school and Dahlia was just 12 years old. The sisters were visiting their grandparents and saw that their grandfather was struggling using the Internet search engine. So, together they created Good50 for him over the winter break using Google custom search API. They also wanted to give back to society through the site.

News & Media

"Sunmee Huh does not want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. When she created the search engine Good50, her intention was not to strike it rich or create an Internet phenomenon like Facebook, which Zuckerberg founded..." -- Excerpt from The Washington Post article, February 25, 2010.

AARP Bulletin's wrote a short story about Good50. You can view the page here.

What People Say

"A search engine that's making a change" -- (Maryland Department of Disabilities, Technology Assistance Program, Newsletter Spring 2010)

"Again, I wanted you to know your efforts are appreciated. It is not the number of people who's life you make a difference to. Just that you make a difference in the life of 1 is all that matters. Just one is how it begins. Remember this always. Bless You." -- Vic Linares, NYC

"I want to thank you for your Good50 search engine. I read about it this morning in the AARP newsletter and have sent the information to all my friends. I do have a Down's Syndrome son with vision problems and know that this would be great for him and his friends." -- Patsy (AARP Member, Orange Beach, AL)

"After reading this article I tried the search engine and love it! There are times my eyes are tired and this helps. I'm sending a link to friends who have eye problems!" -- mdogsmom (Comment from the Washington Post online article)

Want to Help?

Invite others to join our Good50 community! Writing a quick email is one way to help spread the word.

Alternatively, you can move your mouse over the link below, and options for different ways to share will be displayed.